History of the Chrystie League (up dated 08/07/24)                                          

The history of the Chrystie League dates back to 2000 when a group of bowlers from Bookham Bowling Club got together to decide upon trying to form a new league.  They wrote to about 17 clubs seeking out interest and from this a league of 6 clubs was formed who then played each other in 2000.  However, Cobham dropped out in the same year.  During 2000 Epsom were playing at Bookham in a friendly match and enquired as to whether they could join the league.  Epsom were offered the opportunity to play the rest of Cobham's fixtures on a friendly basis.  One of our former members, Bill Sandford reported this offer back to the Club which was then approved.  In 2001 Epsom then joined the league and since then have played each year.  It was decided from the beginning that this league be set up for lower handicap players in the clubs, and is played on a two rink basis with the rink scores for each side added together to decide upon the winner.  One point is awarded for a win on a rink & 2 points for an overall win.  If a rink is drawn then each side gets point.

The origin of the 'Chrystie' league name stems from the fact that Bookham B.C. play in The Chrystie Recreation Ground and since the league was originated at Bookham it was decided to call the league after the Recreation Ground.  The origin of the actual Recreation Ground name comes from a Mrs Chrystie, a wealthy lady who donated the ground.  Bookham B.C. was built in 1933 on this ground.

Since 2001 Epsom have a very good record in this league, winning in 2004, 2017 & 2018, and 2nd in 2005 & 2006.

Epsom's 100th game in the League was played on Monday 25th July 2011 against Bookham.

Their 100th win in the League also came against Bookham on Monday 17th June 2019.

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